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Offering Leading-Edge Products

DinstarIndia is a renowned name for offering cutting-edge products and solutions required in streamlining the operational competencies of businesses and enterprises.

Supporting Industries to Flourish

Supported by extensive industry experience, Dinstarindia is facilitating industries with the most relevant tools, equipment, and solutions based on emerging trends and ever-changing requirements.

Facilitating Communication

The communication solutions offered by DinstarIndia can improve the interpersonal communications of the business, essential for customer information and awareness.

About DinstarIndia

Simplified Business Solutions across Industries
Dinstar india offers intelligible telecom solutions to businesses along with the most sophisticated products, such as Digital VoIP Gateway, Volte Gateway, SIP Door Phone, IP-Phones, and several others. Besides, its simplified communication solutions are ideal situations, be it remote work or multi-location work. What's more, businesses can keep up with their prospective customers through continuous communication offered by its bulk SMS services.
Who We Are

& History

To support businesses with robust and secure telecom solutions by providing omnichannel coverage; with special focus on the result-oriented approach; to bridge the gap between the businesses and their prospective customers.

Solutions We Offer

DinstarIndia designs and manufactures a wide-range of award winning products and solutions
Solutions for Call Centres

Solutions for Call Centres

Handle Higher Call Volumes Efficiently
Our cloud-based VoIP call center solutions alleviate the need for more agents without hampering workflow efficiency. Besides, you can monitor your call flow in real-time. Besides, it ensures that you manage your call volume efficiently without missing a single call.
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Enterprise Communication

Say Hi To the World outside Your Office
Our enterprise communication solutions are cost-effective yet efficient in attaining the all-around development of a business. The offered VoIP gateway helps in seamless ways to manage calls efficiently, be it converting existing systems, ensuring quality calls, or call routing and forwarding.
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Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS Solutions

Reach Your Customers in No Time
Dinstarindia's bulk SMS solution helps businesses to reach out to a large number of customers in no time. Besides, they are highly customizable; you can choose the recipients to some or all. An SMS can be advantageous to reach out to your customers as it offers the utmost readability of up to 97%.
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Our Products

Award-winning IP voice, video, data and mobility solutions

What Clients Saying

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Businesses seek solutions that can help them with timely and effective communication within the organization and with patrons. It is a critical part of every enterprise’s success. Our solutions are designed to meet their expectations and bestow them with the following benefits:

  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Improve Overall productivity
  • Facilitate Technology Deployment For Effective Communication
  • Ensure A Collaborative Environment For Several Technologies
  • Offer solutions That Help Customers Gain Better Insights
  • Alleviate Potential Risks Of The Revenue Loss
  • Simplified Yet Standardized Operation Management

Simple solutions for
complex communication needs